Is a Niggling, Stiff Back Ruining Your Quality of Life?

Fix your back once and for all with the...

21-Day Healthy Back Solution!


Are you ready to have a flexible, strong and healthy back?

You’re not alone. In fact, The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) estimates that in 2014-2015 roughly 16% of Australians or 1 in 6 suffered from chronic back pain. On top of that, people with chronic back problems are more likely to report poor quality of life than those in the general population.

If that’s you, maybe one or more of these sound familiar…

  • You're slow to get up and down because your back feels stiff and achey
  • You're getting regular massages to keep your back moving and flexible
  • You’re afraid to start an exercise program because it may flare up your back
  • You're missing out on activities you love because it may cause discomfort
  • You’re having trouble sticking to an exercise routine because your back aches
  • You’re attempts at exercise always end in further back exacerbation

And sadly the list goes on…

Or, maybe your list looks a little different, but when it comes to your back, you are either in discomfort or on a mission to create a strong, healthy back…

Are you FINALLY ready to have a breakthrough with your back? If so keep reading!

That’s where the 21-Day Healthy Back Solution

comes in!

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The 21-Day Healthy Back Solution is designed to help you improve mobile strength to avoid or reduce back pain as well as give you the training and accountability you need to feel great while exercising… because you deserve to feel good and have a happy, healthy back!

Make micro-shifts to create record results in just 21 days

Join the Healthy Back Solution, and get:

  • Your own client portal where you can access your training and get the tools you need
  • A dripped 21 - day follow along video coach walking you through every exercise
  • A daily email keeping you on track with vital tips and tricks to free movement and avoid pain
  • 3 - 30 minute coaching sessions with Tammy to ensure progress, in person or online
  • Weekly check-ins from our team making sure you are seeing results
  • A complete solution to help bolster you against a nagging problem - back pain!

Plus, you’ll get complete access to EVERYTHING in the program for 6 months for continued reference and support.

Get access to the Healthy Back Solution now!

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You only need a few things for success:

All you need is;

  • Dowel rod or broomstick that is about a meter long
  • A foam roller
  • Armless chair or bench
  • An exercise mat
  • A little bit of space to move and stretch
  • And conviction to stick with the program!

How much are back worries costing you?

And how much more could you accomplish every day if you felt your best, looked your best, and performed at your best because you’re confidently exercising worry free and living your best life?

The Healthy Back Solution is nearly a month of “done-with-you” coaching and accountability, which would normally cost $1900 if we were working 1:1.

But, I want to make sure this program is a no-brainer for ANYONE to say yes to, so you won’t pay a fraction of that!

That’s why your investment to join the program today is just $395.

In just 21 days, you’ll finally be able to:

  • Exercise with confidence
  • Play with your kids or spend time doing healthy activities with loved ones
  • Rely on your knowledge to help your back feel stronger and freer
  • Get the accountability you need to stay the course!

That means no more worrying or thinking that you will never enjoy the activities that you love…

Or that your back is just “getting old” and this is your life now…

Or that you’ll be doomed to chronic back pain, boring activities, and an extra few pounds around your waist for the rest of your life.


Confidently exercise, play and live your best life

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Who can benefit from the

Healthy Back Solution?


The Healthy Back Solution is for you if you want to improve flexibililty and function as a means to prevent, reduce or eliminate back discomfort. For 21 Days, you'll be guided by Tammy Martin and Ruston Webb through a daily movement practice of mobility, stretching and strengthening exercises to build confidence and free your back.


The 21 - Day Healthy Back solution is for generally healthy people and is not meant to replace medical advice from an allied health professional. If you have chronic back pain that has lasted longer than 3 months, please seek medical advise from your general practitioner, physiotherapist, chiropractor or other qualified medical professional.

Following the Healthy Back Solution program will help improve mobility and may help reduce symptoms of back discomfort, but it is not represented as being able to address spinal concerns or neurological impairments caused by muskuloskeletal dysfunction stemming from illness, injury, arthritis or other.

Meet your instructor, TAMMY MARTIN

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