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Pelvic Floor + Core Fitness Programme 
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 Introducing the Evolution of Pelvic Floor and Core Fitness!

The FOUNDATIONAL GROUND-BREAKING 12 - week Pelvic Floor and Core Health Program.

'Everywoman' is a beautiful commitment to yourself and to your whole body health. 

Not your Average Pelvic Floor and Core Class!

Everywoman is an adaptable program that is suitable for virtually all women as we place the focus on your Pelvic and Core Health to help guide you 'back home' to loving living in your amazing body.

Enjoy 12 wonderful weeks of movement, nutritional guidance and education regarding your Pelvic Floor, Core and Women's fitness/wellness at whatever life phase you're in on this unique Holistic Core Restore® program.

You'll follow the programme in person or online with your coach, Tammy, for 12 weeks with eternal access to the online FOLLOW ALONG Homework Exercise Portal.  

"We believe that 'Everywoman' truly is a gift that keeps giving and is one that
EVERYWOMAN should experience at least once in her lifetime!" 

Welcome from Holistic Core Restore® Programme Creator, Jenny Burrell

How do you know if  'Everywoman' is The Right Fit for You?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions,

 How Does 'Everywoman'
Get Results?

In short, those 'squeeze and lift' exercises also known as Kegels, simply aren't the entire story when it comes to having a functional core and Pelvic Floor.  They can be effective when performed well, but simply doing kegels whilst the rest of your body is lying or sitting still, is not enough.  It simply does not translate to functional whole body movement. 

Your Pelvic Floor and Core muscles don't exist in isolation. 

They aren't separated from the movements of your whole body and breath.  Plus, studies show that most women benefit more completely when they have a coach cueing their pelvic floor and core exercises rather than by following directions written on a piece of paper.  

For your Pelvic Floor and your Core to work as it was designed to, we need to...

The 'Everywoman' programme takes into account both CONSCIOUS Pelvic Floor and Core work and UNCONSCIOUS work through movement timed with your breath.  For many women, it's effective in as few as 6 weeks, and becomes a truly well established HABIT with improved results in 12 Weeks.  

It is a time efficient approach and thousands of successful and happy women testify that IT GETS RESULTS!

 What Happens Next?

Exciting Times!
Tammy will be your guide and coach every step of the way. 

The following steps must be done before attending the program.

When you decide that Everywoman is for you, register and pay for the Program at the links below.  You'll receive an email with our HCR® Pre-screening form to complete and submit to me.  Once I receive your completed form, we'll meet online for your pre-screening call where we can get to know each other and discuss where you are on your Pelvic Floor and Core Health Journey.  This will help both of us determine if we are a good match for working together plus it will help me ensure that the program is the right step for you and tailor it to meet your needs.  

After your Pre-screening call, we'll set you up with your 'Everywoman' Program Kit, including;  

Everywoman is a beautiful commitment to yourself and to your whole body health.  

Attending class and completing the homework every week and following the HCR® Nutrition Guidelines are ESSENTIAL parts of the success puzzle and when followed, they will truly improve your results and the lifetime value you derive from the programme.

Are you ready to give yourself a GIFT that keeps giving? 

Live Streamed or In-Person Classes

Workout in the comfort of your own home using your personal fitness kit. Friendly, supportive class atmosphere.  No travel required. 

Tailored Expert Advice

Fully adaptable program tailored to your needs with Personal Guidance from Tammy, your coach, PLUS weekly progressed home workout videos led by program creator, Jenny Burrell. 

Revolutionary Fitness

‘WHOLE BODY’ Pelvic Floor and Core exercise, layered with delicious nutrition and self-care guidance designed to bring you back home to your amazing body.

This programme is a mix of Functional Exercise, Supportive Nutrition, Breath-work, Alignment Work and Self-Care/Lifestyle Revision – overall, a deep and precious gift that every woman deserves and needs in her lifetime.  

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Have a few questions? 

Book a 20 - minute Clarity Call for $30.  

If you sign up for Everywoman, the Booking fee will be credited towards your program purchase.

More Information & Frequently Asked Questions

Will I need any special equipment?

As part of your Everywoman Programme, you will receive a Keep Forever Fitness Kit; including Pilates ball, Dynaband, mini-band and massage ball.  If you are attending Everywoman Face to Face, you will receive your Fitness Kit on the first day of class.  Australian residents attending 'Everywoman' Online will receive their Fitness Kit in the Post.  Due to delays and inefficiencies caused by Covid-19 to international shipping;  overseas attendees will be provided with a Fitness Kit List that they can order online from a provider that is more local to them. 

You will also need a typical household broomstick or lightweight pole; which is not included in the provided Fitness Kit.  You will probably see me using my daughter's ice hockey stick!

Do I need a gym membership?

No, you do not need a gym membership.  Depending upon the Programme delivery that you signed up for; your weekly meetings with Tammy will be either online or in person at a local hall or same pre-arranged location each week.  Your homework exercise sessions and kit are fully adaptable to being completed in the privacy of your home, outside, or can be easily packed into your luggage and taken with you while you travel.  

Do I need special clothes?

No, you only need clothes that you can move and exercise in freely.  Our classes are welcoming and inviting with no judgement so come as you are with what you have.  

Do I need to bring anything?

If you are attending a Face to Face class, bring water, a towel and a yoga mat when you come to your first class.  You will be given your Fitness Kit at the first Class which you will then bring with you to the following weeks classes.  

If you are attending an online class; bring water, a towel, your fitness kit and an optional yoga mat or floor padding if you need it for the floor in the space where you will be exercising.   

Will the classes be suitable to my fitness level?

'Everywoman' is a completely adaptable programme that is designed to meet you where you are in your fitness journey.  Tammy can tailor your classes to fit your needs with fully progress-able exercises and weekly programming that becomes more challenging as you grow stronger.  Additionally, Jenny Burrell, the creator of Holistic Core Restore®, guides you expertly on Follow Along exercise homework that is progressed systematically throughout your 12 - week program.  

What if I can't make it to one of my weekly sessions with Tammy?

I strongly encourage you to get the most out of your 'Everywoman' Programme by scheduling your weekly classes and homework sessions into your diary and committing to doing them.  Having said that, life happens and sometimes even with the best intentions things go wonky.  So don't worry if you can't make a session, because you have eternal anytime access to your homework exercise portal.  If you miss a coaching session, simply hop on to your exercise portal and follow Programme Creator, Jenny Burrell as she guides you through your weekly homework exercise sessions.  

What if I'm not feeling at my best and don't have a lot of energy to exercise?

Above all, listen to your body and dial it back when you need to take things a little easier.  One of the things that you can do to recover and heal more quickly is to move gently rather than not at all.  You will find that 'Everywoman' includes exercise options for gentle soothing movements as well as more dynamic fitness strengthening exercises.  Whether your are full of energy or not quite feeling it, you absolutely will find adaptable options that fit your needs.  

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