1. This site is pretty useful and covers a lot of things I had questions surrounding. Having a personal trainer is something a lot of people swear by to the point of saying they didn’t get results until they really found someone to be there with them. To help show them the proper way of doing things and pushing them beyond their capabilities.

    1. Thank you Chris. Yes, I agree that having a personal trainer to check your movement and proper form is extremely useful; not to mention the extra encouragement to push yourself! Some folks need the encouragement and guidance every session. Others might just need a trainer to help get them on the right track with proper form and programming. Once they reach a certain competency level, they can be set loose to continue their workouts on their own and then check in with me periodically. Thank you for the feedback, Chris!

  2. Are these training sessions 1-on-1 or is it a group setting? Or do we have the option?

    I do enjoy group workout sessions because it motivates me a little bit when there are other people around and it makes it a little more interesting or fun.

    With that being said I sometimes need the 1-on-1 training because there are certain things that I need extra help with technique wise. The only problem is that 1-on-1 training is often too expensive for me.

    Thanks for the info.


    1. Hello Robert,

      Thank you for your reply! You can choose what works best for you. We have private, semi-private and small group training classes available. Private sessions are obviously the most expensive, but are also where you get the most personalized attention. Semi-private sessions with 1 or 2 other friends are nice because the individual cost is less, but you can still have the session catered towards achieving shared goals. For fun, shared camaraderie and a chance to work up a sweat; Small Group Training takes the cake. (Pardon the food pun!) Small Groups are limited to 8 participants to facilitate clear communication and focused attention to each person.

      We can cater to your preference. Let us know what types of sessions appeal to you and we’ll get started!

  3. Hey Tammy,

    This is great because I believe that some people need personal trainers to get results. It is great to have a personal trainer if you need someone to push you to get results.

    They are also there to help you and give you constructive feedback. They are not there to bring you down or criticize you.

    1. Hi Emmanuel, As a coach, I try to meet my clients where they need to be met along their fitness journey. Some folks may need a coach to drive and motivate them to do the exercise, others may want guidance to know what, where and how much, and still others may want help getting on the right track with the intention of eventually managing on their own. I’m happy to help anyway I can.

      Thank you for your Comment

  4. Hi Tammy,

    I totally get what you mean when you say that we need to manage our stress through movement. I have personally found that after a hard day at work if I have a tough workout I feel much better and more energized.

    As humans I think we are naturally designed to move and thrive from doing so. That is also why I think that daily exercise is of the utmost importance.

    Great post! Looking forward to seeing more from you soon!

    1. Absolutey Alec, we are designed to move and thrive. I recently read an article in The Atlantic, “Why one Neuroscientist Started Blasting His Core” that discusses research into how our peripheral motor and sensory neurons in our brains are actually connected to and control our adrenal glands. The existence of these connections Indicates that our movement has direct input into our hormone levels and thus emotional outlook.

      This is one reason why I start almost all of my Coaching Sessions with a few minutes of play. It loosens the body, relaxes the mind, lifts the spirit and results in a better outcome for my client.

      So, by all means, keep moving! For you it might be a tough workout that re-energizes you. For some it may be a restorative play session or a meditative yoga or mobility session.

      Thank you for your comment


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