At LEAP n2u Fitness, we are committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals. We believe that achieving meaningful change requires a LEAP of action to step out of your comfort zone.  We are here to help guide and support you as you confront your fears along your journey toward becoming the embodiment of your dreams.

LEAP n2u = Life, Energy, AgilityPower.  

Successful growth is not only about taking a physical or emotional LEAP of action. It is also about embodying a zest for LIFE.  Having ENERGY to invest in yourself and others.  Possessing the physical, mental and emotional AGILITY to negotiate the demanding steeple chase of life. Plus, implementing your Power to act and to inspire others as well as yourself.

Our Coaching Philosophy

A friend and mentor shared the phrase “Train the person, not the body.”  Here at LEAP n2u Fitness, this is the cornerstone of our coaching philosophy.  We understand that each person comes to us with a unique body, personality, and with individual family and work demands.  Each client requires a different approach from the next and each client requires a different approach from day to day.

We are all imperfect humans floating on this fragile planet.  Our modern society has gotten very busy and can create a lot of stress for us.  We are only beginning to appreciate the mental, emotional and physical toll that this daily stress can take on our biological system.  To balance our lives and manage stress, we need to adopt daily habits that infuse health, wellness and rejuvenation back into our bodies and minds.

At LEAP n2u Fitness, Our mission is to help infuse balance by creating a personalized program that compliments your unique qualities, helps you achieve your fitness goals, and acts as a stress reducer, not as a stress enhancer.  We are committed to crafting workouts that are challenging but also fun and rewarding.   By the end of each session we want you to feel better, healthier, fitter, freer, lighter, taller, ready and on your way to being positively fabulous!

Our Services

We provide Personal training in the form of Myofascial Movement Coaching, Conditioning and Therapy with Myofascial releases and freeing.

We also have Small Group Personal Training classes in Mosman Park.

What We Use for Training


We love to use versatile fitness equipment that can be incorporated into Loaded Movement Training and encourage multi-dimensional movement.

Tools such as ViPRs, Hyperwear Sandbells, and BOSU balls along with your own bodyweight make fantastic mobile training equipment. They can be used in a variety of environments.  ViPRs can pretty much go anywhere;  for example, pavement, dirt, grass, water and sand.  So if you want a beach workout, here we go!

These mobile fitness tools facilitate fun and challenging workouts that leave you feeling that you worked hard, but aren’t totally wrecked afterward. They are also really fun because you can play with them outside!


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