Re-Freshing Outdoor Group Training for
Women Over 40

Gutsy Goddess Group Training

Need a training program that suits your body's needs in this decade and not the last one?

Finally!  Outdoor Group Training that is perfectly suited for women over 40 with programming specifically designed to optimise physical and mental fitness for women as they transition through life.   

Gain confidence with your Pelvic Floor and Core health and fitness.
Rock a strong, fit and sexy you through the Menopause transition and beyond.
Release stress and become a Zen Master.
Cement soul serving bonds with other amazing women.

In Mosman Park

A friendly neighbourhood group exercise program that doesn’t judge.

Outdoor group classes are available right off your doorstep on Davis Oval in Mosman Park, WA.

These classes are perfectly suited for the over 40 Woman who intuitively knows that she needs more than a run on a treadmill in a loud stuffy gym. They are part of a Lifestyle Revamp Program for the Woman who feels frustrated by the aches, pains and overload that her body is feeling.

 Embrace Your 'Gutsy Goddess'

Our bodies change after we turn 40!

Guess what? Your exercise program should change with you.  The fitness formula that used to work in your 20's and 30's won't work as well once you hit mid-40.  That's when things start to change with a woman's body, mind and soul; and to keep up, the elements in your fitness program need to evolve as well.  

Gutsy Fitness for Mature Women. 
Our Gutsy Goddess Outdoor Group Training Memberships are for the Midlife Woman who; 

Needs exercise that moves with her and keeps her feeling fit, limber and strong,
Needs a trainer who can provide exercise options that match her energy levels and abilities on the day.
Wants help knowing when to push hard and when to ease off for better nervous system support and ease.
Craves time to download with friends while breaking a sweat.
Wants to enjoy the great outdoors while giving herself the gift of exercise and social connection..

Women pre, peri and post menopause will benefit.  

The Progressive Training style of our signature outdoor group sessions is focused on improving functional “whole woman” fitness for women over 40. Together, we work to build on-point strength, mobility and cardiovascular conditioning as well as bone and brain health; all in a fun welcoming atmosphere. 

Class sizes are generally limited to 12 and priority space is given to those who can commit to a Term.  

All new members must go through our VIP Process before joining.  

Claim Your VIP Pass and Book Your Next Session

Tuesday 9am - Davis Oval
Tuesday 5pm - Tom Perrott Reserve
Friday 9am - Davis Oval

Classes are on Davis Oval or Tom Perrott Reserve

in Mosman Park, WA. 

Power Back Into Fitness

Many women at midlife start to feel left out of the fitness equation. 

Not anymore, because I've done the math.

 Women over 40 need 4 key elements in their fitness formula;  

Pelvic Floor Confidence

Your pelvic floor and core health is a priority .  If you have any concerns about exercise and pelvic floor health, we'll work together with your women's health physio to guide you to the right fitness and exercise program.

Menofitness Mastery

This is not your everyday bootcamp for 20 somethings.  We've created a fitness formula that hits all the vitality markers for promoting bone, brain, strength and optimum body composition for women at midlife.

Supersized Self Care

No apologies necessary.  Midlife demands that you selfishly take time out for yourself and indulge in healing thyself.  That's why we offer Restore, ZenWoman®, and the 'Feed Your Soul Program'. 

Soul Serving Connection

Now more than ever we women need to feel connected to our inner goddess, to other goddesses and to nature.  That is why our group sessions are all outdoors with shoes optional. 

Class Descriptions 

Build on point strength, mobility and cardiovascular conditioning as well as bone and brain health in our fun outdoor group atmosphere.

LEAP n2u - 'Move + Core'

LEAP n2u 'Move + Core' - Progressive workouts stacked with loaded strengthening functional movements and topped with a glutes and deep core finisher for integral strength. Perfect for improving "whole woman" fitness.

Tuesdays & 9am

LEAP n2u - 'Strength'

LEAP n2u 'Strength Foundations' - A beautiful blend of bodweight and loaded movement exercises that infuse improved neural body-mind connections while building foundational strength and self reliant body confidence. 

Fridays 9am

LEAP n2u - 'Restore'

LEAP n2u 'Restore' -  Settle into a healing restorative state with Tammy's unique blend of holistic self care modalities.  Optimise your fitness & wellness efforts by soothing your nervous system, cleaning your body aquarium and liberating balanced movement with these ‘Re-Freshing Fitness’ self care techniques.

Special Offerings - Inquire about registering for the next round of Restore

Class times are subject to change.  
Check current timetable or contact Tammy for availability.

Testimonials From Our Gutsy Goddesses

"Tammys classes are outdoors in the fresh air with a lovely group of women from mixed walks of life. The exercise circuits are always different which makes them fun, and work different body parts each week. It’s perfect for me."

Angela Davis


"The outdoor setting, supportive group environment and individualised attention to fitness needs are a credit to Tammy. I find these sessions incredibly motivating whist positively impacting my overall health and well-being."

Katharine Allen


"Tammy has a wealth of knowledge in relation to training women in their mid-life. Her workouts are not your typical gym workouts and are importantly functional for daily life. Tammy has a lovely manner and her classes are fun and social."

Amanda Cullity

Interior Designer

"Tammy is a professional, friendly and knowledgeable lady who will listen, motivate and empower you to reach your goals whatever they are.  I have worked with her for more than two years and found her to be an inspiration.  I would highly recommend her.

Nicola Gourlay

"Tammy is a great instructor who strikes a good balance between challenging us to push ourselves while also keeping things fun and achievable.

Carolyn Turner

"A very happy customer here. I have been with Tammy for over seven years, was off a year during my major shoulder surgery. Tammy acknowledges everyone has different needs and limitations (especially by this age, everyone seems to have some sort of injuries) and is very attentive to come up with alternative moves/actions. Over the years, she has helped build up my core strength even my physio and chiropractor said it is fantastic work for my age!"

Dorian Robertson

LEAP n2u Fitness Davis Oval & Tom Perrott Reserve, Mosman Park

Join us on the Oval in Mosman Park

Group Training in Mosman Park!

Weekly on Davis Oval, Solomon Street &

Tom Perrott Reserve

All you need is a towel, mat and water for your session.  Classes are on the grass and because I LOVE TO TRAIN BAREFOOT, shoes are optional.  We have undercover access, so classes go rain or shine!   

Beautiful Outdoor Location
Local Group Training
Supportive Community of Women

Step 1 - Click The Link And Claim
Your Group Training VIP Pass

Our Outdoor Group Training Package for new Gutsy Goddesses
is one of a kind in Mosman Park, Perth! 
Here's what's included.. 

Private Discovery Jam Coaching Session
Private 3rd Age Wellness Check
Private Myofascial Movement Appraisal
4 - Weeks of Unlimited Group Sessions 
Ninja Sleep, Intuitive Eating and Immunity Support Packs

Are you ready to give yourself a GIFT that keeps giving? 

Weekly Live in-Person Classes

Online Membership Platform

Group Support & Accountability 

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Be a 'Gutsy Goddess'

Have a few questions? 

Step 1:  Complete our Prequalifying Form

Step 2: Book your 20 - minute Clarity Call for $30.  

*Sign up within 24 hours of your call and the booking fee will be credited towards your program. 

Gutsy Goddess
Group Training Program

Pivotal Pre-Screening Call with
Tammy - 2o minutes
Up to 4 training sessions each week
Premium Online Membership Portal
Getting Started Membership Guide 
Community What'sApp and Facebook groups for support and accountability
Beautiful Outdoor Environment
Upfront or Fortnightly Payments

More Information &
Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be super fit for these classes?

No not at all.  Come as you without worrying about judgement.  Many in our group have to be mindful of injuries or stubborn trouble areas for which I provide safe alternative exercise options.  So whether you are actively exercising or just coming back into exercise after a long break, you are welcome. 

Will I need any special equipment?

You will need a towel, mat and water for every session.  For LEAP n2u Restore you'll need a soft foam roller, a therapy ball and occasionally a soft toothbrush.

Do I need special clothes?

Most of the ladies wear shorts or lycra tights.  Make sure you wear a comfortable exercise bra that properly supports you. You may also want to wear a hat and sunglasses for sun protection. 

I understand that shoes are optional.  Do I have to go barefoot?

No, not at all.  Whether you wear shoes or not is totally up to you and your feet.  If you aren't used to going barefoot, it's a good idea to start gradually.  You will see me barefoot most of the time during the Summer months, and wearing minimal shoes during the Winter months.  If you do go barefoot, keep in mind that we are outside, so there are risks of injury from objects in the grass, stinging insects or taking a miss-step.

Can I rollover my sessions if I don't use them all during the payment period?

Your bank of class credits are yours to use for any of our scheduled sessions during the term but they do not carry over to the next term/ challenge.  For instance, if you are away and miss a week, you are welcome double up in another week.  Any unused credits at the end of the term/ challenge will expire.  You may use your session credits at any of LEAP n2u Fitness' group training sessions in Mosman Park and Fremantle during the relevent 8, 9, or 10 week challenge period. 

What kind of support do I get during the challenge?

In addition to your weekly group training sessions, you get access to support outside of class via your dedicated online client portal; complete with recipes, workouts and a new meditation.  You also have coaching and community support via our whats app chat and facebook groups.  

What if I have to isolate for Covid or get sick with Covid, do I lose my sessions?

Out of respect for other patrons, please do not attend training if you have or suspect that you have a communicable infectious disease.  Membership pauses or extensions can be considered in cases of extended absence due to injury or illness at LEAP n2u Fitness' discretion.

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