Client Focus and Testimonials

Nicola G – December 2017

LEAP n2u Fitness client focus –
Nicola G.

How did you feel before you started training with Tammy?  What prompted you to start training? 

“Before training with Tammy I felt I needed rejuvenating in mind and body.  Since having children I felt my body needed toning up and losing a kilo or two.  I also wanted to improve my diet which I felt had slipped into bad habits over the years.  I also needed to find time for myself to think about what I wanted to do when the kids became full time at school.  I wanted to feel confident about myself again ready to re-enter the workforce.”

What results have you experienced from working with Tammy and attending group training?

“I have experienced fantastic results since working with Tammy on her twelve week programme.  I have managed (with her support) to improve my diet, lose 2 kilo’s, increase my water intake and to tone up my body.  The group training environment really helps to motivate me and provides support.  Tammy is a very warm, supportive and motivated person who inspires others by example to self improve.”

How are you feeling now? Would you recommend our group and/or personal training to others?

“I am feeling much happier with my body and general direction in life and would highly recommend group or personal training to others.  To improve both mind and body.”

What would you say to someone who was thinking about working with Tammy at LEAP n2u Fitness?

“I have already recommended Tammy to several people.  Her workouts are fun and suited to people of any fitness level.  Tammy is an amazing coach and can help with all aspects of using movement to improve your life both on a physical and emotional level.”

Hannah A. –  November 2017

What prompted you to join LEAP n2u Fitness’ small group training program? 

“I realised that running around after children is not personal fitness. I had run out of excuses to myself. It was so convenient to be able to attend an outside training while my youngest child was happy attending her playgroup inside.”

What results have you experienced from working with Tammy and attending group training? 

“Cold, windy and rainy weather in winter was my excuse to snuggle up on the couch and miss a gym class but now with Tammy’s class i would not dream of missing seeing the regular crew and the fun and banter that we have.”

“I love animal flow to use my own body weight to gain strength and there are many more moves! These are take anywhere exercises that I now use when emptying the dishwasher, hanging out the washing and picking up things off the floor!
I even use the time when pushing the kids on the swing to fit in a lunge or 2 or 10!”

How are you feeling now? Would you recommend group and/or personal training to others? 

“Tammy’s class is great.

LEAP n2u Fitness Small Group Training Client Testimonial
LEAP n2u Fitness; Client Focus – Hannah Adams

I love that I don’t have to drive in my car to get to the gym; I walk there.
I love that it is outside; I feel more balanced when I can feel the grassy ground beneath my bare feet.
I love Tammy’s kind words and the little timer counting down; there is no harsh gym music.
I love that the exercises can easily be replicated for a home workout: Yes, even in front of the TV.
I love that the equipment that Tammy has is so mobile, simple and easy to use; At home I replace “Laverne” with small child.
I love that instead of focusing on a dot on a gym wall I can choose a tree in the distance or on occasion a star in the sky.
I love that this training is with such fun people who like to laugh a lot.”

What would you say to someone who was thinking about working with Tammy at LEAP n2u Fitness?

“This is your neighbourhood fitness class – Leap to it!”



Lauren R. 2016

Have your private training sessions with Tammy helped you? 

Our sessions have helped me both with feeling better at the time of the session, and also giving me ideas of what I can do at home to maintain that.

How could we improve your private training sessions?

“I have really enjoyed our sessions and don’t have any suggestions to change them.”

What would you say to someone who was thinking about working with Tammy at LEAP n2u Fitness?

“I would say to friends that you are really friendly, not intimidating and you are good with dealing with injuries and ongoing pain. Your sessions are fun and leave me feeling good.”

Swan River Kayak Meetup 

Comments on ‘Optimising Mobility for Paddling Performance Talk’

Leap n2u Fitness - Mobility for Paddlers
Mobility for Paddlers – Swan River Kayakers

Really good information on the fascia. Most of my neck pain has almost gone.” 

Jamie Ingram, Swan River Kayak meetup/ December 2016
Leap n2u fitness 'optimising mobility for paddling performance
Optimising extensibility to increase paddling performance and comfort.

“Hi Kayakers, That was a brilliant little talk last Sunday at Matilda by BeFree coach Tammy. I believe all participants took away something useful, one member even got his neck fixed while doing a simple manoeuvre.”   

Markzen Lim – Swan River Kayak Meetup Creator and organizer/ Jan 2017
LEAP n2u Fitness 'Optimising Mobility for Paddling Performance' with the Swan River Kayak Meetup
‘Optimising Mobility for Paddling Performance’ Talk with the Swan River Kayak Meetup Group in Garvey Park

“Great morning for a paddle. Thanks to Tammy for the talk, very beneficial and a nice thing to do before the paddle” 

Rosemary B, Swan River Kayak meetup, Jan 2017