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What Happy Clients Say About Us

Kristie Allen

"This amazing lady helped me with some mobility work for my back. I do these simple things she taught me daily and it really helps ease the stiffness. I have bulging discs and a fusion on the L5 and S1 and thought nothing could help, but Tammy did. "

Janet Carr

I have been attending Tammy's classes for {more than} 6 months. As well as keeping fit, they are fun too.  If doing a more difficult exercise, Tammy gives us options to do the exercise a different way so to avoid aggravating existing back/ shoulder/ knee complaints (great for us oldies!) 

I'm very happy to recommend Tammy and LEAP n2u Fitness. 

Lauren Raffaele, nurse

"Tammy is a kind and knowledgeable lady who designs fun and unique sessions based on how I'm feeling on any given day. This is a different approach to fitness- taking into account injuries and trouble zones and helping correct imbalance in the body. After our session I feel energised and refreshed. Love my sessions with Tammy."

Astrid Franken, clothing designer

I love Tammy's sessions - not only are we exercising, but the reasons for each exercise are explained and why.  An hour with Tammy is time well spent and I lok forward to each and every session. Tammy has a great sense of humour and we all enjoy the variety each week.

Sharae Luff

Fantastically fun fitness sessions catering to ALL fitness levels.

Rachel C., diplomat

"Tammy is awesome.  It's worth investing in yourself, and having Tammy as the person to guide that effort."

Enjoy Life Changing Fitness At Midlife!

Re-Fresh & Renew Your Fitness Routine.

Are you a midlife woman who feels left out of the fitness equation?  With more demands on our time, changing bodies, shifting hormones and annoying niggles, it gets harder to fit in with the 20+ something gym crowd, and sadly many women over 40 start to give up on their exercise goals.  

BUT, let me tell you...  

Midlife is the most important time to take care of yourself and to keep up your fitness resilience. 

Hi, I'm Tammy, Owner of LEAP n2u Fitness,

I promise that you will feel welcome, achieve your goals and have fun when you train with us.

Do you want to Crush Cravings, Burn Belly Fat, Extinquish Hot Flashes, Get Stronger & Start Feeling Chilled out in your sexy new body?

Our Re-Freshing Fitness Formula will help you Master Midlife and beyond with a holistic combination of purposeful exercise and self care designed for sharp, shapely, sexy goddesses.    

We'll get you feeling fit, free and strong with the Our Signature Fitness Formula that boosts your fitness, health and sense of wellbeing while simultaneously supporting your soul serving recovery and need to chill heck out.  

See which program is right for you.

Let's get started by finding out which program is right for you.  
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About Tammy


Hi, I am a Mid-Life Women's Fitness Coach.

One thing I've learned through this journey of life is that women's exercise routines need to evolve with them as they progress through life.

Getting older does not have to be a battle against your changing body or seen as a submitting to an "inevitable" fate of terrible Peri-menopausal symptoms. 

Once I hit my mid 40's, many of the changes that I started going through were confusing and frustrating to say the least.  It started with feeling tight and achey after gym workouts; followed by bloating, swelling, frustrating weight gain, chronic back pain or frustrating injuries.  Oh, and let's not forget the hot flashes, constipation, bladder leakage, insomnia, and irritability; you name it, I've experienced it.  I won't lie to you either, I still experience some of it from time to time.  

But, now I have a better understanding of how this hormone roller coaster works and what I can do to smooth out the ride.  Now that everything is clearer and much more manageable, I want to help you avoid the messy guess work that I went through so you can get right to work start feeling awesome again! 

I am a qualified personal trainer and Menopause Transition Coach. I am also a formerly licensed Holistic Core Restore® Coach.

I love creating an environment where women feel safe having fun and connecting through exercise.  Keeping fit and staying active doesn't have to be a chore, but it certainly does get more difficult as we age.  So, if you are struggling to figure out your fitness, are riding the hormone rollercoaster, feel like your body is thwarting you or are afraid to exercise to avoid aches, pains, heaviness in your pelvic floor or embarrassing "oops" moments, I'm here to help.

This is a time that should be freeing and liberating rather than confusing and frustrating.  

Let me help you bypass the guess work of perimenopause so that you can get on with enjoying being the strong, fit Brazen Babe that you are.

Certified Menopause Transition Coach
Pelvic Floor & Core Specialist
Multi-sport Aquabike wannabe.


The 21 - Day Habit Challenge

I put together this insanely simple online program so you can get the HABIT SHIFTING RESULTS you’re looking for BEFORE the month is even over.  

It's called The 21 Day Habit Challenge and it starts 8th August.  Sign up now!

Even if you’re “always busy”, this challenge is nearly foolproof and designed to help you get results no matter what your schedule looks like.

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Join my group 'Fitness & Lifestyle Mojo for Daring Women" to get training advice geared towards women over 40 and to be part of a supportive community.  Our group will help you navigate the mind field of confusing physical and cognitive changes that come as we get older. 

Let me work with you to achieve your fitness and wellness goals.

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