Small Group Training Outdoors

Tick your wellness boxes at our next group session; exercise intensity, social support, outdoors & even train barefoot if you like!

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Holistic Core Restore®

Are you a woman seeking help with her Pelvic Floor and Core Fitness? Transform your Health with Tammy, Licensed HCR® Coach

Holistic Core Restore®

Coaching for the Over 40 Goddess

Your Goddess-ness is calling. It is time to finally give yourself the mature exercise & self-care program that you need to thrive through this transitional time.

Online Courses

Escape the fitness rut and shine your light by adding Whole-Hearted Self-Care to your habits and by reprogramming underlying beliefs and patterns.

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Online Courses

Exercise Consulting

Great at taking action, but need a nudge in the right direction? Get a tailored 'Warrior' Movement Plan that suits your needs & goals.

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Mind, Body Movement

Connect the dots by using Exercise & Lifestyle Coaching to create the Healthy, Energetic Mind & Body you desire!

Do you want to reach your fitness goals?

Close the gap between where you are today and where you want to be.
My philosophy in coaching is to empower you to become the person you want to be.

What do our clients think of us

K. Allen

I met with this amazing lady and she helped me with some mobility work for my back. I do these simple things she taught me daily and it really helps ease the stiffness. I have bulging discs and a fusion on the L5 and S1 and thought nothing could help, but Tammy did.

R. Cooke

Tammy is awesome. It's worth investing in yourself, and having Tammy as the person to guide that effort.

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Join 'Fitness & Lifestyle Mojo for Daring Women" and become part of a supportive community of women over 40 who train and get results while also navigating the confusing physical changes that come with getting older. Training doesn't stop after 40. It simply means that we have to be smarter about our fitness mindset, determined to keep progressing forward and especially mindful about self care and recovery.
Let's do this!

About the Author

Tammy Martin
Tammy Martin

Hi, I am the owner and creator of LEAP n2u Fitness and

Just 3 weeks shy of my 50th birthday, I dove into my first multi-sport event at the 2018 Rottnest Sufferfest Half Ironman distance Aquabike race in Western Australia.
I am an exercise consultant who’s drive is to inspire women over 40 to tap into their passion for life and fulfilment through movement and exercise. It is this drive that motivated me to fully commit to training for my first Aquabike race in 2018.

My philosophy is that mindful application of exercise and fitness goals is the key to unlocking a capable body, a happy human, a bright mind and a fulfilled spirit. Personal fitness pursuits should build you up and light the way to becoming your authentic self.

Tammy Martin
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