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Fitness & Lifestyle

Having a fitness lifestyle is about more than simply shaping your body to fit into smaller jeans.  It's about having goals that drive us to craft more actively satisfying and liberating lives.  I can help you create a fitness lifestyle that includes exercise as part of your whole body, whole person wellness package so that you can feel your best; physically and mentally and purposefully.

Tick your wellness boxes at our next group session; exercise intensity, social support, outdoors & even train barefoot if you like! 

Holistic Core Restore®

Are you a woman seeking help with her Pelvic Floor and Core Fitness? Transform your Health with Tammy, a Licensed HCR® Coach

Coaching for the Over 40 Goddess

Your Goddess-ness is calling.  It is time to finally give yourself the mature exercise & self-care program that you need to thrive through this transitional time. 

Escape the fitness rut and shine your light by adopting Whole-Hearted Self-Care practices and by shifting underlying beliefs and patterns.   

Great at taking action, but need a nudge in the right direction?  Get a tailored 'Warrior' Movement Plan that suits your needs & goals.

Mind, Body Movement

Connect the dots by using Exercise & Lifestyle Coaching to create the  Healthy, Energetic Mind & Body you desire!


Holistic Core Restore® is the evolution of Women's Pelvic Floor and Core Fitness.  The revolutionary HCR® suite of programs are designed with scientifically proven fitness and wellness methodologies to fully serve women at every life phase and get them the real world results they crave.

If you are a woman in need of guidance and support in regards to healing or restoring pelvic floor confidence and deep core strength, Holistic Core Restore® is for you and you are in luck! 
Tammy of LEAP n2u Fitness is the only licensed 
HCR® in Western Australia.  Classes are held on a 1 to 1 or group basis and are all ZOOMable, so if you aren't able to meet in person, we can meet for your weekly sessions online.  

Take look below at the Suite of Holistic Core Restore® that are currently on offer or coming soon to LEAP n2u Fitness. 

HCR® ZenWoman - 7 weeks of Zen
HCR® Release
HCR® Fit to Run
HCR® Heat

Honouring The Goddess Within

Peri to Post Menopause Years

Getting older does not have to be a battle against change or a submission to an inevitable fate of debilitating Peri to Post Menopausal symptoms.  

A lot of the changes that I started going through once I hit my mid 40's were confusing and frustrating to say the least.  Hot flashes, bloating, constipation, insomnia, tired achey joints and irritability; you name it, I've experienced it, and I won't lie to you, I still do.  But now I have a better understanding of how it works and what I can do for myself.  

Now that I know more about what happens as we transition through to our post-reproductive years, everything seems clearer and much more manageable.  

I am a qualified 3rd Age Woman Peri to Post Menopause trainer and coach through Burrell Education, and I can help you bypass the confusion and frustration that all too often accompanies the time in a woman's life that should be a freeing and liberating phase of her life. 


Small Group Training & Online Learning

Whether you want the camaraderie of a group to exercise with or are simply looking for a program that can help you reach your personal goals at home, we have the program for you.  

Take a look below for information on our group sessions, workshops and online programs. 

leap n2u fitness small group training

Small groups so that you get the attention you deserve.!

Outdoor Group Training for the
Mid-Life Woman

Women's bodies change after 40 and this exercise program has evolved to meet their needs.  

The Progressive Training style of this class is focused on improving functional "whole woman" fitness for women over 40.  Together, we work to build on point strength, mobility and cardiovascular conditioning as well as bone and brain health, all in a fun outdoor group atmosphere.

Mosman Park, WA.
Small groups of 12 or less
Covid-19 Precautions
Fun, Engaging & Challenging
Feed Your Soul Online Challenge

We have two kinds of online offerings; Programs that are delivered live in an interactive online environment like Zoom with accompanying self paced homework that is accessed through a portal  AND  Self-Paced Programs with Learning Modules with access to online coaching with Tammy.  Take a look at the online programs offered by LEAP n2u Fitness or in conjunction with Holistic Core Restore® that you can access online.

HCR® MenoWoman Zen Woman
HCR® ZenWoman Zen Woman
HCR® Releasen Woman
Mindset BootCamp - currently under construction.
Restorative Movements and Releases Free Webinar

Movement Freedom Magic Workshop

This is a 3 hour workshop series that is offered several times a year. Participants are taken through a series of movements to gauge how their body feels and responds to prescribed Mobilising Movements and Self-Myofascial Releases.  At the end of the workshop they go home with a truly bespoke mobilising program truly fit for their optimal movement that they can immediately implement into their self care practice.  

Learn how to use foam rollers and massage balls 
Come home with a library of personalised mobilsers unique to your needs.
Gain a functional understanding and appreciation of fascia and connective tissue and how they work.
Leap n2u Fitness - Mobility for Paddlers

Not sure which program is right for You ? ?

Book a 20 - minute Clarity Call with Tammy. 
Find out which coaching program is right for you.  
The call is $30 AUD, but if you sign up for a course, the cost is invested towards your program. 


Our clients can't be wrong

"I met with this amazing lady and she helped me with some mobility work for my back. I do these simple things she taught me daily and it really helps ease the stiffness. I have bulging discs and a fusion on the L5 and S1 and thought nothing could help, but Tammy did. "

K. Allen 

"Tammy is awesome.  It's worth investing in yourself, and having Tammy as the person to guide that effort."

R. Cooke

"Tammy is a kind and knowledgeable lady who designs fun and unique sessions based on how I'm feeling on any given day. This is a different approach to fitness- taking into account injuries and trouble zones and helping correct imbalance in the body. After our session I feel energised and refreshed. Love my sessions with Tammy."

Lauren Raffaele