Small Group Training Benefits

Participation in a small group training class has several benefits whether it is indoors or outdoors.   One of the main benefits of group exercise classes is that they can provide an opportunity for social interaction.  Small group training, especially, can foster a sense of social acceptance, wellbeing, camaraderie, and support.  This can be very powerful for people who might be feeling a bit insecure about them-selves or about exercising; perhaps because they are new to exercise or are just getting a fresh start after a long break.

A Little Backstory

I have been in those shoes.  Back in college, I worked the early shift at a local gym. I was a very shy kid.  Painfully shy, in fact, and I was only just starting to learn how to manage my inhibited nature in a world where “personality” seems to make it, if you know what I mean.  I lived off campus and didn’t party much.  I was working too hard to piss it all away! Anyway, my mental release was working out at the gym.  I would work out in the weight room and also go to the latest craze Step Class.  Some of my fondest memories are of the women, the friendships and my favorite group instructor ever, Colleen, from that class.  They were a light for a very lonely kid.  Several years later, I became a Group Power instructor at a small gym on Orcas Island.  Orcas Island is a small community and the Group Fitness room was a very personable size. I had a great crew of “regulars”, mostly ladies, who came to my class. Three times a week for three years we had an hour of power together.  We had some laughs and made fond memories then, too.

From my experiences, I hope you can see that social engagement and class camaraderie can have a meaningful impact on mental wellbeing.  The friendly atmosphere of a small group class can help to lighten your mood, lift your spirits and turn an exercise session that could easily be a boring drudgery, if you did it alone, into a pretty fun time!  You might also form a lasting and heartfelt friendship as well, who knows?

You Work Harder in a Group

A fun group atmosphere can also have the affect of lowering your perceived level of effort as opposed to performing the same workout by yourself. This means that for the same amount of work, your perception is that you aren’t working as hard!


So…you also have the potential to work at a higher intensity without feeling totally physically wrecked and you might even be able to turn off that nagging self-talk in your head that tells you to quit when the going gets tough.

Why else would you work harder?  Almost assuredly, your competitive nature will kick in to keep you from letting your neighbour show you up.  You may find yourself pushing through a really tough bit just because your Cheeky friend Sue is over there kicking everybody’s Booty.  You can’t let her get away with that can you?!

Small Group Training Classes are a Time Warp

Another welcome benefit of all this gay frivolity is that time flies while you are having fun and before you know it your exercise class is over!

What about Motivation and Accountability?

Oh yes, include motivation and accountability on the list, too.  Just be aware, that when you start attending a small group training class on a regular basis, people miss you when you aren’t there.  You are going to have to some explaining to do if you start missing classes.

So, you are thinking, “Wow that sounds great! How can small group fitness classes get any better than that?” Take a small group personal training class with LEAP n2u Fitness, outdoors!

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