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What do product reviews have to do with fitness and wellness and why are they on our website?  Because the point of taking care of yourself and staying fit and healthy is so that you can enjoy the good stuff in life.  You know, being fit and confident to do stuff like taking off for a ski weekend, going to the beach, enjoying a backpacking adventure with the family or even just to being able to join the kids outside for a romp!

I have also spent a lot of time in my life working out, adventuring and sussing out the best kit and equipment to help me do just that.  I also invest time and money consuming media for education and personal development.  I want to share my nuggets of knowledge with you.

If you see it on this page, I use it or have used it.

So keep watching this space for new reviews of products that I love and think will help you on your fitness and fun journey!



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