Welcome, to my Xero Shoes Reviews of the Amuri Cloud and The Jessie.  Both barefoot style minimal shoes.

This is an affiliate review of Xero shoes.

I bought my first pair of Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud sandals over 2 1/2 years ago for a trip back home to the U.S.  I ordered them in Australia before my trip and had them shipped to my family’s house where they were waiting for me.

I still have those sandals.  I show them in this video so you can see how they have withstood nearly constant use in the warm sunny climate of Perth, Western Australia.   Yes, they are still usable, although not very pretty!

This video also reviews a brand new pair of the Amuri Cloud and the Jessie Sandal.  I needed a new pair of Amuri Clouds for nicer occasions and, while I was at it, I bought the Jessie for those occasional dressier events.  (Hint; I’m not a standard dress shoe kind of person.)

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I’d like to say that I loved my first pair Amuri Clouds instantly.

I loved the idea of my new barefoot sandals and was super excited to give them a go.  Sadly, when I tried them on and went for my first walk I didn’t think they were going to work.

My feet weren’t used to wearing shoes with a post between the toes and it hurt.  But, it was summertime in the U.S. and I needed sandals.  Tennis shoes were too hot and I am morally opposed to flip flops, so I stuck with my new barefoot sandals.  Fortunately, I discovered it was only uncomfortable when I walked on pavement and not when I walked on grass.  So, I avoided pavement as much as possible.  My toes adapted to the change and the discomfort went away after a couple of days.  It has never been a problem since.

Watch the video to see my reviews of my new Xero Sandals.  Barefoot sandals are a perfect match for an Australian summer and Xero Shoes ships internationally.  Mine took 3 weeks to arrive.

Once your new shoes arrive, watch this easy adjustment How to video.

If you are in the northern hemisphere, it is never too early to plan for Spring!  Just a hint, Xero Shoes also has a range of covered minimal shoes for town and trail. You can check out some winter friendly shoes in my review of the DayLite Hiker in the snow.

    8 replies to "Xero Shoes Reviews – Amuri Cloud and The Jessie"

    • Nathalie

      Thanks a lot for this review, Tammy! Barefoot style minimal shoes are exactly my kind of shoes in the summer (Spring is still too cold here in Western Europe for that type of shoes I find). And I LOVE shoes that can withstand the test of time! I also love the blue color!! I am going to see if I can get a pair over here for the summer. And in the meanwhile, I’m going to check out the winter friendly shoes in your other review. 🙂 Nathalie  

      • Tammy Martin

        Hi Nathalie, thank you for your kind comments.  I’m so glad you found the review helpful. And I hope you enjoy your future Xero Shoes.   I forgot to add that I created a how to video for adjusting the straps of the Amuri Cloud.  I added the link to the post and here it is for when you get your new pair.   Cheers, Tammy

    • zuchii

      The xero shoes looks really stylish and simple, perfect for a casual summer outings, it also comes in various colours to march with different outfits. Wearing barefoot sandals like the xero shoes gives ones legs and toes a beautiful look.

      Wearing these shoes might feel odd for those not used to it at first just like it was stated in the writeup above. This feeling is temporary and not going to last; its only a few more wears before you begin to rock and enjoy the xero shoes.

      • Tammy Martin

        Agreed Zuchii, I think the shoes are very stylish and comfortable.  Some people may find that it takes a little longer adjusting to a true minimal shoe or sandal than others.  It all depends on the nature of their feet and what they wore predominantly prior to minimal shoes.  

        Thank you for stopping by and for sharing a comment! Tammy

    • Daniel

      I must say that this is a great review Tammy. I have never seen this type of shoes because they are not popular in my country but I would like to get one pair for my girl. It is winter now but they would be great for spring. I like the blue color, it can fit on any clothes.

      • Tammy Martin

        Thank you for the compliment Daniel.  These types of shoes are becoming a bit more common in some countries. Yes, Spring is just around the corner.  Before you order, go to https://xeroshoes.com/venturefit/ to get the right sizing instructions.  

        Enjoy! Tammy

    • Dale

      What a great review.  I can guarantee my wife would love these shoes.  She does wear flip flops now but is always looking for a stylish bare foot shoe replacement.

      Even though we are from Canada she gets in as much time as she possibly can with her bare feet.  I know I will be showing her this article and I know she will be asking me for my credit card.

      Thank you for the great review.


      • Tammy Martin

        Aww, thank you Dale.  I’m glad you found it helpful.  I know it is hard getting enough barefoot time in the colder climates.  I hope that she finds a pair she likes.  Once she does, she’ll ditch the flip flops for good!

        Let me know how you go!


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