Taking the LEAP

Aquabike Inspiration and DNF

Rottness Sufferfest Aquabike

I recently completed my first ever endurance event; the Rottnest Sufferfest Half Ironman Aquabike.  Hopefully the name lends a clue that the event is a half ironman distance with a 2km swim plus an 80km bike ride but no running. …
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Rewire Your Brain and Lift Your Mindset

Rewire your brain and lift your mindset

4 Steps to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN AND LIFT YOUR MINDSET I secretly hate her. The chick who kept leaving me in her wake last night.  The chick who probably grew up around the ocean. The one who dedicated herself to competitive…
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Emotion and Fascia

emotion and fascia

There is a massive upheaval of my and my family’s life coming up very soon.  The enormity of the task and the anticipation of the emotional reft is making me want to turtle into myself. Sea turtles are my totem…
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Where do you start?

Greetings! This is my first official Blogpost entry.  I want to share a quick thought or notion about getting started on yourself that has been circling around in my mind.  It isn’t a new notion or an original one, by…
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