Are you creating solutions to succeed

or using excuses to quit?

Here we are, 10 days into the New Year’s Resolutions and I bet you have already had obstacles thrust in the way of your progress.  My question is…did you create a solution to work around the obstacle or did you use it as an excuse to quit before you even tried?

Last week I posted on my facebook business page that my intention is to spend more time playing on, in and under the water in 2017.  I have been doing a pretty good job of it thus far.  However, yesterday I turned down an invitation to the beach because I have a nasty cold that is kicking my butt and I wanted to rest a little so that I can kick it back.

So rather than going to the beach, I started making dinner, always a huge mistake.

I ended up slicing my finger and had to go to the doctor to get mended and get a tetanus shot. I was also instructed to keep the wound dry for a week.

resilient mindset
rigid or flexible mindset?

How will I go kayaking this Saturday?

The first words out of my mouth.

“Oh darn, I’m really going to miss doing the dishes!”

The second words.

I’m sure, you’ll be happy to know, that I came up with a solution to my predicament. This morning when my daughter said that she would like to go to the beach, I didn’t tell her ”No, honey I can’t get my hand wet.” I grabbed a latex glove and cut and taped it over the bandages of my wounded finger so that I could go in the water with her.  Of course, I couldn’t go for an all out swim, but I could still enjoy being in the water!


I even got an unsolicited “I love you, Mom” which…

you know…melts your heart.

Find solutions to keep taking steps towards success.

So the moral of the story is…

  • Always go to the beach in lieu of making dinner. ☺
  • If an obstacle appears on your path to success, and it will, you need to get creative.
  • Find the path around or over the obstacle and create a solution for success.
  • The rewards will warm and inspire your heart.

The resulting solution may not fit your “ideal” vision, but it is damn sure better than quitting on your vision all together.

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