Prone Hip Drivers Exercise


Feel a bit stiff and awkward when you get up in the morning?  

Want to feel stronger and more agile as you run around the playground with your kids and swing them around?  

Play on the water or paddle a kayak or SUP? 

Play a sport that involves running or throwing?  

Want to feel more comfortable getting down and up from the ground?

Have trouble coordinating your movements?

Need to improve your balance?

This exercise for all ticks all of the boxes.

I love doing these Prone Hip Drivers because they help to strengthen and elasticise several myofascial lines of the body.  In this case, the lateral lines, spiral lines and front lines of the body really come into play to perform this movement.

What does that mean for you?

To be healthy and reactive your fascia needs to be loaded long and then released.  This encourages your fascia or connective tissue to be subconsciously reactive so that you can automatically respond to the unpredictable demands of the world around you. Reactive fascia saves you from having to wait for your brain to catch up to what is going on around you.  Its reflexive response is what saves you from taking that nasty fall, it sets you up for the next paddle stroke or throw of the ball.

Think about when you throw a ball.  You load the body by stepping forward with one foot and extending the opposite arm back.  You have preloaded energy into your fascia by stretching it long.  You then release that energy like a rubber band by thrusting your arm forward and directing the ball forward.

Some other benefits of performing Prone Hip Drivers; they are great for…

  • Core Stability
  • Thoracic Mobility
  • Shoulder Mobility
  • Wrist Strength

Give it a go.  I guarantee you will feel better after doing it.

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