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Exercises to do while walking, example the Grapevine Step

Exercises To Do While Walking

For the majority of people, walking is the most accessible form of exercise. And during these Covid-19 times, it’s also the most convenient excuse for getting outdoors. If you’re spending a lot of time walking, you’ll want to get the most movement nourishment out of that time. I’m going to share some of my favourite exercises to do while walking.

Trimming straps on Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud

Xero Shoes – Trimming the Amuri Cloud

Now that you have adjusted the straps of your new Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud Barefoot sandals to fit your feet and move naturally with you, there may be just one more step to getting them perfectly trail ready. Take a …

Fitting Amuri Cloud barefoot sandals

Xero Shoes – Adjusting the Amuri Cloud

Congratulations on your new pair of barefoot or minimal sandals.  The Amuri Cloud barefoot sandals from Xero Shoes are my favorite minimal barefoot sandals and I hope you enjoy yours.  The sandals featured in this video are my 3rd pair.  …

Rottness Sufferfest Aquabike

Aquabike Inspiration and DNF

I recently completed my first ever endurance event; the Rottnest Sufferfest Half Ironman Aquabike.  Hopefully the name lends a clue that the event is a half ironman distance with a 2km swim plus an 80km bike ride but no running.  …

Rewire your brain and lift your mindset

Rewire Your Brain and Lift Your Mindset

4 Steps to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN AND LIFT YOUR MINDSET I secretly hate her. The chick who kept leaving me in her wake last night.  The chick who probably grew up around the ocean. The one who dedicated herself to competitive …

emotion and fascia

Emotion and Fascia

There is a massive upheaval of my and my family’s life coming up very soon.  The enormity of the task and the anticipation of the emotional reft is making me want to turtle into myself. Sea turtles are my totem …

The West Australian Walk the Walk

Vary Your Walking For Better Health

I recently contributed my thoughts on the benefits of walking for “Walk the Walk”, an article that was published in the West Australian earlier in October.  Since walking is a very cool thing to do and has lots of health …

Glutes and More Exercises, Focus on Butts

Focus on Glutes and More

Focus on Glutes and More I can’t believe how fast time flies. A year has passed since I was blessed with the opportunity to contribute to the “Focus on Butts” article featured in Mind + Body of the West Australian. I …

Thoracic Mobilizers

Hanging Exercise

Hanging Exercise to Decompress Your Spine and Mobilise Your Thoracic   Are you currently or have you ever experienced a back problem? I am dealing with my own right now and I gotta tell you… IT SUCKS! It’s cramping my …