Now that you have adjusted the straps of your new Xero Shoes Amuri Cloud Barefoot sandals to fit your feet and move naturally with you, there may be just one more step to getting them perfectly trail ready.

Take a look at the extra length of straps located in both sides below your ankle.  How much excess strap is hanging down?  Is it just a little or is it enough to catch under your feet a bit when you step?  Is it a comfortable length or would it be better functionally and aesthetically to trim them just a tad shorter?

This video will show you just how to trim them.

You will need;

  1. Your newly fitted Amuri Cloud Sandals.
  2. A hard surface to work on.
  3. A small knife.
  4. A flame source such as matches or lighter.
  5. A pair of plyers.
  6. Don’t forget the scissors!

Now, your barefoot minimal sandals are truly trail ready!

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