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Exercises to do while walking, example the Grapevine Step

Exercises To Do While Walking

For the majority of people, walking is the most accessible form of exercise. And during these Covid-19 times, it’s also the most convenient excuse for getting outdoors. If you’re spending a lot of time walking, you’ll want to get the most movement nourishment out of that time. I’m going to share some of my favourite exercises to do while walking.

emotion and fascia

Emotion and Fascia

There is a massive upheaval of my and my family’s life coming up very soon.  The enormity of the task and the anticipation of the emotional reft is making me want to turtle into myself. Sea turtles are my totem …

The West Australian Walk the Walk

Vary Your Walking For Better Health

I recently contributed my thoughts on the benefits of walking for “Walk the Walk”, an article that was published in the West Australian earlier in October.  Since walking is a very cool thing to do and has lots of health …

life balance in equilibrium

Life Balance in Equilibrium

I was going through my notes, looking for ideas of what to post when I found a journal entry that I wrote about keeping life balance in equilibrium nearly a year ago. I am posting it today because it is …

Managing Stress with Movement

Managing stress with movement is a useful way to support our health and well-being. In an era of daily stresses to our mind, body and spirit, we need to adopt behaviours that mitigate potential negative effects to our health. Managing …