What are the Benefits of Outdoor Training?

Where do you prefer to exercise, indoors or outdoors?  Given that the conditions outside are acceptable and that there isn’t a tornado, torrential downfall, freezing cold or scorching hot temperatures going on!

Let’s say that the weather is pleasant and partly cloudy with a nice breeze; perfect conditions for being outdoors.  Perfect weather is all a matter of perspective though isn’t it?  I lived in the U.S.’ Pacific Northwest for fifteen years, where it rains for nine months a year.  After nine months of liquid sunshine falling down, any day that it isn’t raining becomes a perfect day for me!

With that said, some of my most sublime and blissful moments have been while sea kayaking in the San Juan Islands in the rain. I would not have those cherished memories if I had stayed warm and cosy indoors.  (Perhaps I’ll share them in a blog post soon!)  My point is that even on a cloudy overcast day, exercise outdoors can beat exercise indoors any day!

So… if you are weighing the option of indoors or outdoor training, you might be wondering about what some of the benefits of outdoor training might be?

One huge benefit is that you get to join LEAP n2u Fitness on one of our private training or small group training sessions outside!

If that is not enough reason here are a few more.

The fundamental benefit of training outdoors as opposed to training indoors is that you get to be out in nature.  Even if you are located in a man made park or field with tended grass and surrounded by buildings, you still get exposure to your natural environment. You get to see the clouds in the sky as your eyes take in the natural sunlight.  You can see people and their dogs frolic while they take their morning walks. Your lungs can breathe in fresh air as you feel the breeze on your face. You can take off your shoes and feel connected to the ground underneath your feet.  You can hear the birds around you, watch the butterflies and take in your amazing world.

WOW! Doesn’t that make you want to go outside?

It makes me want to!

It is ever so much more enticing than the thought of being in a closed up gym with fake light, recycled sweaty air, the noisy radio blaring and wall to wall TVs smattering negative images everywhere – OOF!

…Lets go back to the grass underneath our feet and the birds singing…

Deep cleansing breath…AHHH!


Being out in nature helps to improve our mental and emotional sense of wellbeing. Exercising outdoors increases the benefits even more by conditioning our bodies and helping our brains relax! Some of the benefits of taking your workout outside.

  • Greater Sensory and Neural Input into your system from changing environments.
  • An increased sense of Revitalization – you feel renewed with new life and vitality.
  • Increased Energy – We could all use some of that!
  • A Greater sense of Enjoyment in your exercise.
  • A Greater sense of Satisfaction with your exercise endeavour.
  • Reduced symptoms of stress
  • Less tension, anger, confusion and depression.

It feels good to be outside.  Yes, sometimes the weather doesn’t cooperate and it isn’t possible to workout outside. Those are the days when you get your workout done indoors.  It is absolutely vital that you keep moving and exercising despite the location because getting some exercise, regardless of the location, is absolutely better than none at all.

Exercising outdoors comes with many benefits.  But, sometimes you do need to exercise caution; for instance, wear proper sun protection and guard yourself from extreme temperatures. Check the area if you are exercising barefoot to make sure that there are no dangerous or sharp objects that may cause an injury.  Exercising outdoors in urban environments where air pollution is a concern can have detrimental effects on your health and wellbeing, particularly if you already suffer from a respiratory condition.  Check your local air quality if you live in an urban environment and/ or refer to your doctor if you have an existing respiratory condition before taking on an outdoor exercise program in the city.

Where is your favourite place to exercise outdoors?  What is your favourite activity, bicycling, hiking, swimming, running, paddle boarding?  Please leave a comment and share your thoughts!

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Photo Credit: Copyright Yobro10 | Dreamstime.com


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