Glutes and More Exercises, Focus on Butts

Focus on Glutes and More

Focus on Glutes and More I can't believe how fast time flies. A year has passed since I was blessed with the opportunity to contribute to the "Focus on Butts" article featured in
Thoracic Mobilizers

Hanging Exercise

Hanging Exercise to Decompress Your Spine and Mobilise Your Thoracic   Are you currently or have you ever experienced a back problem? I am dealing with my own right now and I gotta
LEAP n2u Fitness

Prone Hip Drivers

Prone Hip Drivers Exercise DO YOU... Feel a bit stiff and awkward when you get up in the morning?   Want to feel stronger and more agile as you run around the playground
life balance in equilibrium

Life Balance in Equilibrium

I was going through my notes, looking for ideas of what to post when I found a journal entry that I wrote about keeping life balance in equilibrium nearly a
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Where do you start?

Greetings! This is my first official Blogpost entry.  I want to share a quick thought or notion about getting started on yourself that has been circling around in my mind.  It
Benefits of outdoor training

Benefits of Outdoor Training

What are the Benefits of Outdoor Training? Where do you prefer to exercise, indoors or outdoors?  Given that the conditions outside are acceptable and that there isn’t a tornado, torrential downfall,